What To Look For In A Job Agency Before Hiring?

What To Look For In A Job Agency Before Hiring?


There are several things to look for when working with a job agency in Canada. You should know exactly what you’re looking for, and be clear with your needs. Ideally, the staffing agency will be able to work quickly to find you the right job. If not, you can try another agency. Read on to learn more about how to select a staffing agency.

Be honest about your goals:

When you’re hiring a job agency, be honest about your goals. Hiring managers are always looking to understand your ambitions and goals. Tell them your aspirations, and be honest about your work history. If you’ve had gaps in your employment, the agency can help you explain them. Similarly, be honest about your availability. If you’ve had a few months off between jobs, be honest about this as well.

Find a staffing agency that works quickly:

A good staffing agency should be able to quickly and efficiently source candidates that match your company’s needs. For example, if you are hiring mechanical engineers, the agency should be able to send you candidates in the top tier of your pay range and not let you down by ignoring candidates who fall below your salary budget. Make sure you discuss your salary range with the recruiter, so they can properly screen candidates and make recommendations. You also should consider contacting previous clients and evaluating the company’s reputation.

Interviewing with a staffing agency:

To prepare for your interview with a staffing agency, research their website and any relevant positions they are currently seeking. This will allow you to stand out among the crowd of candidates and demonstrate the kind of attention you would give to the position if it were your next dream job. You can also prepare for common questions that are asked in interviews. Moreover, practicing for an interview as if it was your next dream job is a great way to prepare for your next interview.

Looking for a guarantee period:

When choosing a job agency, look for a guarantee period. These periods usually last between two and three months and are designed to make sure that the agency has done its best to place the right candidate for your company. However, many agencies place restrictions on their guarantee periods. For example, some agencies may not provide a guarantee if the candidate leaves as part of a layoff or is fired for a skill that was not listed on the job description. It’s best to check these stipulations and negotiate if they don’t fit your needs.